Family and
General Medicine

We offer a thorough and holistic approach to general practice from our experienced team of GP’s, nurses and health practitioners.

West Perth Medical Centre is a computerised and paperless practice.


Primary Care

All aspects of General Practice including diagnosis and management of medical, surgical and gynaecological conditions. Chronic disease management and care-planning. Mental Health. Child Health.


STI Screening

Confidential screening for sexually transmitted infection either after at-risk exposure or simply between relationships. Counselling and treatment for common STI’s. Electrodessication treatment of genital warts, (hyfrecator).


ECG Recording

Heart recording for diagnosis or medical examination. Performed by the practice nurse.



Measures respiratory function for diagnosis of chest diseases such as asthma, or for diving medicals.


Minor Injuries

Suturing and dressing of wounds. Treatment of minor fractures. Removal of foreign bodies.



Counselling for personal, relationship and sexual problems. Management of depression and anxiety disorders.


Occupational Health

pre-employment medical, commercial driving/dive medicals, drug and alcohol screening. Executive medicals.


Preventative Medicine

Well-Woman and Well-Man checks. PAP tests. Skin cancer screening. Prostate cancer screening. Child Health checks. Dietary and Lifestyle advice.


Skin Cancer Screening and Management

Skin checks and biopsies or removal of abnormal moles and skin lumps. Dermatological surgery. Cryotherapy and hyfrecator treatment of warts and sun-spots.



Sexual Problems

Integrated Sexual Health offers assessment and management of all types of sexual dysfunction with patients often referred by other GPs or specialists. Treatment is holistic with medical, psychological and lifestyle interventions.


Family Planning

All aspects of contraceptive advice including pregnancy testing, fitting and removal of Implanon and Mirena Devices. Investigation and counselling for infertility problems.


Medical Examinations

For insurance, pre-employment, diving or as required. Simple health checks or full executive medicals including blood screening, X-Ray, ECG, and a full report.



All routine vaccinations including childhood, Foreign Travel, Tetanus, Hepatitis and Influenza. We are a designated Yellow Fever Vaccinations Centre. Workplace / corporate influenza vaccination programs.



West Perth Medical Centre has a dedicated audiometer booth within the practice.